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Notary Office

Agnieszka Barańska i Łukasz Barański Civil Partnership of Notaries

in Torun  

The office offers comprehensive and professional services in the field of notarial activities.

In order to ensure the security of trading for the parties, all activities are carried out in compliance with the provisions of applicable law and the principles of professional ethics.


When performing notarial acts, the notary ensures proper protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the parties, as well as other persons for whom the act may have legal effects.


In fulfilling his duties, the notary maintains impartiality towards the parties to the notarial act.

All circumstances of the case, which the notary became aware of due to the performance of notarial activities, are covered by notarial secrecy.


Before performing a notarial act, the notary public provides the parties with all necessary information and explanations free of charge.


In order to improve the service and the procedure of preparing a notarial deed, it is recommended to contact us by phone or in person in order to obtain information about the documents that are necessary to perform a notarial act.

About us


Lukasz Baranski


A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.  

He has been associated with the notary for over twenty years.

Previously employed in one of the oldest notarial offices in Toruń, initially as a secretary, then as a notary's assistant, and after passing the notarial exam, as a notary's deputy.

Member of the Council of the Notarial Chamber in Gdańsk. 

Knowledge supported by many years of experience ensures certain and careful performance of activities and guarantees that the signed documents adequately protect the most important interests of the parties.

Sola ratio perfecta

beatum facit.

(Seneca the Younger)

notariusz torun

Welcome to the Office

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